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We firmly hold the position of leader in the sphere of sealing device production on the market of Moldova

In 2012, “Olimp” company celebrated 20 years from its creation. During this type, a well-structured production process was created, with ISO9001-2000 management certificate.

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  • Instrumental department
  • Construction bureau
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Possibility of projecting and manufacturing any type of equipment for plastic items injection molding
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certification
  • UKAS Quality Management Certification

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The indicator seal «BAG SEAL» has a reduced weight and a simple way of installation

Bag Seal

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The seal «GARDA-N» is not only universal, but also original after its construction.

Garda N

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«GARDA-Nr.2» is a modified version of the seal ”Garda-N” ...

Garda N2

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The sealing and blocking device «INNER FORCE» is a power-type seal ...

Inner Force

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«OLI LOCK» possesses a high safety degree against opening ...

Oli Lock

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The indicator seal «PIPE LOCK» is an effective device to ensure the impossibility ...

Pipe lock

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The control and sealing device "SHIELD" is a plastic seal with cable and refers...


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«SNAP» - is a seal of type Indicator which is used to seal the objects that...

Snap lock

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The «STRAP LOCK» has a monobloc construction and belongs to the Indicator-type ...

Strap lock

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«Mini Strap» has a one-piece construction and is part of the class of seals Indicators...

Super Scut

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«SUPER SNAP» - is a modified version of the seal "SNAP" ...

Super Snap

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The seal «TITAN» Is one of the most recent projects of the company «Olimp».


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Security stickers with an indicator of thermal and chemical effects EUROSEAL


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Control stickers to ensure the needed objects to be sealed and to prevent an...

Sigiliul etichetă

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